Plank Knee tap Series

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1 februari 2022

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Plank knee tap series is a perfect exercise to get the abdominal stronger and challenge the whole body:

•Start in your plank positions with elbows under the shoulders, legs long and toes curled under your feet.
• Keep your ribs knitted in the front and shoulders wide in the back.
•Find your alignment where the ribcage and pelvis complete each other like a jar and a lid. 
•Hold the alignment, keep your lower back in neutral and stable.Bring one knee to the ground and return back to the plank. Change for the other side.

•To progress keep the legs on motion as one goes down the other goes up.
•To add even more challenge touch both knees to the ground and lift away from the ground at the same time.

Tip: Imagine you have a glass of water on your pelvis/lower back. Try to hold the water still as you move😎

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