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Want to work out at home when and where it suits you? Here We Move makes it easy for you. Functional online pilates workouts to get and stay strong. For each phase of your life there is a program that suits you. For example to help you recover from an injury, during and after your pregnancy or during the transition. Check out which online pilates program is right for you below. Great workouts of up to 20 minutes a day to easily fit into your daily schedule. Start today and exercise with us! Özlem and Eefje. You can find our English spoken programs below:
We've Got Your Back
89 One time purchase
  • Low back and core focus
  • 30 video's
  • 9h in total
  • English spoken
  • Short anatomy intro
  • 1 year access
Strong Upper Back
89 One time purchase
  • Shoulder & upper back focus
  • 30 videos
  • 8,5h in total
  • English spoken
  • Short anatomy intro
  • 1 year access
Full Body Program
119 One time purchase
  • Strong Upper back +
    We've Got Your back
  • 60 videos
  • 17,5h in total
  • English spoken
  • Short anatomy intro
  • 1 year access
Move For Two
89 One time purchase
  •  Pregnancy pilates.  Check your health insurance. This course is reimbursed in many cases.
  • 30+ videos
  • 7,5 h in total
  • English spoken
  •  Bonus anatomy video
  • 1 year access
Start investing today 20 minutes a day in yourself now and enjoy your supple and strong body in the long term. Move with us!
Here we Move

Here We Move is here for you!

Teachers Özlem and Eefje, two fully certified pilates teachers and owners of Pilates studio Pilates Noord in Amsterdam guide you through the programs. Özlem and Eefje teach you how to develop and improve healthy exercise patterns. You discover muscles you didn’t know you had.

Here We Move has a suitable program for each “phase”. For example, there is the Move for Two program for during pregnancy and the Care for your Core for the period after childbirth or for persistent pelvic complaints. If you want to give attention to your lower back and and get your core stronger then We’ve Got Your Back is there for you. Looking for a program that focuses on neck shoulder and upper back area, Strong Neck and Shoulders is your start point. Do you have questions? We are happy to help you.

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body" - Joseph Pilates
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