Congratulations you are pregnant! With all the changes in your body, morning sicknesses, hormonal fluctuations the beginning can be a little overwhelming. And you think can I still workout during my pregnancy, do exercise safely? The answer is yes! This prenatal pilates video program is for you.

Studies have shown that moderate exercise during pregnancy improves cardiovascular function, helps with controlled weight gain, and may help to decrease the chances of  preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. Regular exercises during pregnancy also helps with common complaints such as lower back pain, pelvic girdle pain.

This pregnancy pilates video program has been designed to guide you along your pregnancy from the beginning until the end. All videos are 15 to 20 minutes long; easy to fit in your daily schedule and short enough to complete for the days which you may feel like you have less energy to finish an hour class.

The focus of this pregnancy pilates video course is :

  • to get stronger in the hips, back, and core (yes you still are going to work on your abdominal muscles in a safe & responsible way)
  • finding mobility in your hip joints and rib cage.
  • working on breathing to not only strengthen but also learn how to relax the pelvic floor muscles.

The videos are real time and led by Özlem who is also pregnant while recording this course. There are 30 workout videos in this prenatal workout program which you’ll have unlimited access for a year only for €79.

To follow along the prenatal pilates program you will need :

  • A mat
  • Light weights 1-2 kg, Can also be replaced by canned food or water bottles filled with water.
  • Pregnancy pilates ball (highly recommended for birth as well) that fits your height if not present you can sit on your couch or soft surface.

During this course you will

  • Work on your core and pelvic floor muscles safely
  • Learn how to engage Tranverse Abdominis muscle (Corset muscle around torso) which is one of the crucial muscles for postpartum period
  • Get stronger in your hips to carry the extra weight coming with pregnancy
  • Get stronger in your upper body and back to help you have a pain free breast feeding period
  • Practice different breathing methods to support you during labor
  • Learn about different birthing positions to feel empowered while giving birth
  • Learn some useful tips about breathing, anatomy of pelvis and the most useful tools about contractions and pushing phase

Over de instructeur


Here We Move | Özlem

Özlem is a pilates teacher and studio co-owner, based in Amsterdam. She discovered pilates in 2012 and it did not take long for her to fall in love with the method. In 2014 and 2015 she completed her Polestar® Pilates mat and Polestar® Pilates comprehensive education respectively. Since then she's been expanding her knowledge with various training and specialising herself in pilates after injuries, pre/post natal and functional strength training. Biomechanics, learning about how muscles, body function is her passion and she wishes to share her knowledge with as many people as possible, help them build healthy functional movement patterns with which they feel physically their best through their life.

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Sneak Peek | Pregnancy Pilates Gratis 00:04:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 1 00:22:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 2 00:17:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 3 00:17:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 4 00:16:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 5 00:17:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 6 00:16:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 7 00:18:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 8 00:18:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 9 00:17:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 10 00:16:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 11 00:23:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 12 00:16:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 13 00:22:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 14 00:17:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 15 00:19:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 16 00:14:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 17 00:13:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 18 00:19:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 19 00:19:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 20 00:20:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 21 00:17:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 22 00:19:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 23 00:14:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 24 00:22:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 25 00:22:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 26 00:22:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 27 00:17:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 28 00:17:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 29 00:20:00
Pregnancy Pilates | Les 30 00:23:00
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